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Leisure Hovercraft, Commercial Hovercraft, Rescue Hovercraft, Patrol Hovercraft.


Hov Pod Hovercraft are manufactured for leisure, commercial, rescue and  patrol hovercraft applications. New CAD design, CNC engineering, and  HDPE hull manufacturing methods have resulted in faster production time  to meet growing demand, and ensured shorter delivery times. The Hov Pod  hovercraft design approach has won worldwide acclaim - we now  manufacture more hovercraft than any other supplier. Hov Pod hovercraft  are very easy and fun to drive, designed with marine safety in mind.  These amphibious vehicles allow you to hover over any flat surface,  including water, ice, snow, sand, mud, and grass. Hov Pod hovercraft are safe, reliable, durable, & designed to make leisure & commercial hovercraft ownership easy.

The New Hov Pod SPX hovercraft design is unique; Hov Pods are far stronger, more buoyant  than glass fibre hovercraft models; very rugged and strong so suitable  for commercial, patrol and rescue hovercraft use. New tooling and  manufacturing processes have been necessary to keep up with growing  demand for the Hov Pod; we now probably ship more small hovercraft than  any other supplier; drive one and discover why.

Hov Pod offer the new SPX 120 HP Turbo 4-stroke version for bigger boys & commercial users. NewsFlash - Build your own Hov Pod, hulls available without engine for self  build, request details of the Hov Pod SPX LM (Local Manufacture) This is a fully assembled hull waiting for you to complete the engine  configuration, (not a box of bits and bolts)

Customers literally get blown away by the Hov Pod! Great for family outings, hunting and fishing trips - experience the unique  sensation of traveling on a cushion of air, over any flat surface at  speeds up to 45 mph. Wow factor comes as standard, miles of smiles for folk of all ages.

Why is Hov Pod Different?

In the past, most amphibious vehicles have been self-build kits or racing  craft. Our design and manufacturing approach is different, we focus on  ease of use reliability, durability and safety. You don't need to be a  pilot to drive the Hov Pod, it is designed to be easy to use; after 10  minutes you will have mastered the basics of hovering.

Customers tell us we make the best small hovercraft available. This is the same craft as used by the United Nations, sold by Harrods  of London and used by the makers of the recent Thunderbirds film, as  seen on many TV shows.

The development of  small hovercraft has until recently been confined to hobbyists and  racing versions; hovercraft are weight dependent craft, and performance  relies upon lightweight construction. The Hov Pod has been designed for  marine leisure and rescue use, so we focus on ease of use and  durability. Speeds of up to 45 miles per hour can be achieved over a  wide variety of flat surfaces, from ice to desert sands. Bored with rc  hovercraft, hover boards, hovercraft kit plans, hover cars, homemade  hovercraft? Then move up to the ultimate leisure hovercraft available,  Hov Pod

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